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    Strength in Supplements

    Howdyyyyy Y’alll!  I wanted to touch base on the supplements that I take because it is SO important – I used to never indulge into these things because for one I was clueless on how beneficial it was & two I just thought my body naturally produced everything I need, but in reality we are lacking in SO many areas due to the food that we consume, and lack of sunlight.   The 2 biggest supplements that I have been taking include Vitamin D and magnesium. I also take ashwagandha every night before bed and I have some collagen gummies!    Vitamin D – link to vitamin D Many people do…

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    Meal Prep Monday!

    Meal Prep Monday Happy Monday (!!!)  Hopefully, everyone had such a good weekend! I got to travel home this weekend and witness my little brother and his team win their 10th state title in a ROW. How cool?! Very proud sister moment, HAHA. Anywho! Who doesn’t love to get their week started off right? Mondays can be SO daunting, but your motives can change if you look at it as a fresh start to your week. I love to start my week off right by meal prepping on Mondays because 1. It allows for healthy lunches and dinners in the midst of my busy schedule and 2. It only takes…