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    Make Time For the Lord

    Ok… bare with me here as I write this blog that is very close to my heart and is causing me to be super vulnerable. As stated in a previous blog, I want this to be a space that other resonate with and I feel that this one will hit close to home with most of you. But it begins with a relationship with the Lord, and how I have made Him a priority in my life, but really he has been shining through in this past year or so and really answering my prayers in ways that I have never seen before. To start this I want to give…

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    Be. Thankful. For. Your. Friends. 

      This one goes out to my girls.  Finding people you click with can be so hard, and if there is anything I have learned throughout college – it is that making friends is hard, and small groups of people are the best groups of people. Sure! I have lots and lots of friends and people I like to try and stay in touch with, but when you reflect on how many of them you can lean on in times of need, who can you count on?  I’ve seen so many individuals find themselves in a place of darkness because they couldn’t quite find the right people to open up…