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Welcome !!!

Hello friends! 

Welcome to Miller’s Milestones (!!!)

First of all, I want to say – I’m SO happy you are here! I am so thankful for each of my followers and I am SO excited to get Miller’s Milestones rolling! 

For those who don’t know – My name is Corah Miller! I am a senior at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, studying Corporate Communications and Marketing. This last year of my time here at Belmont has been nothing shy of amazing, crazy, and quite literally the best thing for me, but basically, I did a total 360 with my path of studies. I studied Nursing for the first 3 years, but then found myself in a very weird spot and switched my major! Lots of prayers, trials, and tribulations occurred but I could not have done it without my friends, family, and putting my trust in the Lord!

Goals for my BLOG! 

My hope for this blog is to provide a space for others to resonate with, and guidance on how to become the best version of yourself! My time at college has been the best time of my life, but I also have witnessed myself and those around me grow and change in so many ways, and oftentimes I feel that others can tend to feel alone during these trials and tribulations, but what I want others to see is they are not alone! As my time here at Belmont is coming to a conclusion, I feel as though I can provide others with guidance to become their best self.

Growth, Motivation, and Inspiration is my motto for my blog. I will provide my readers with weekly posts that will outline various topics regarding healthy eating and nutrition, fitness, mental health, relationships, and personal growth! Sure, none of this can happen overnight, and I am still working on myself, but I want to enlighten others with ways they can begin to better themselves!

Be on the lookout as I will be posting weekly! PLEASE subscribe to my email because I will send out an email each week highlighting the content I will be sharing, there is a form you can fill out at the top of the website with a simple click! AND, follow my socials that are linked (located in the upper right corner)! I’m so excited to begin this journey with you guys!


With Love, 

Corah J.